Boulevard changelog
Boulevard changelog

Introducing the Boulevard Marketing Suite




Boulevard Marketing Suite is ready for you. This new tool will help you streamline and simplify your email marketing strategy with beautiful, branded email campaigns. Get started today by selecting the new Marketing tab at the top of your dashboard. You can control who has access to the Marketing Suite by navigating to the “Marketing” section of your Privilege Groups in the Manage Business settings.

One-Time Blasts

Craft custom emails with a personal touch — perfect for all your newsletters, promotions, and announcements. Use our intuitive template editor to create and save personalized, on-brand emails including your target audience from your existing client data. Hit send and track your performance - all from the Marketing dashboard.

One-Time Blasts are available for Essentials, Premier, and Enterprise plans. Your first 500 emails per month, per location are on us. After that, it's $0.01 per email sent. Learn more here! Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 12.57.27 PM.png

Automated Campaigns

Boost revenue with intelligent, hyper-targeted email campaigns. Set it and forget it with the right message to the right client at the perfect time to help drive higher retention, bookings, and revenue. Simply choose your campaign goal, customize the look and feel to reflect the unique energy of your brand, and let your intelligent algorithms do the rest.

Automated campaigns are available for Premier and Enterprise plans. $2 per booked appointment. Check out all the different automated campaign types and more info on pricing here!

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