Boulevard changelog
Boulevard changelog

Add Notes to Completed Forms




Did a client make a mistake on an intake form? Want to leave a note for a service provider on their treatment notes? Boulevard now allows users to add a note for each response in a completed client-facing or internal form.

To add a note to a completed form, select the “Add Note” button at the bottom to enter edit mode. Next, select any response to add and save a note. Once you’ve added all your notes, select “Done” to leave edit mode. Whenever someone views the form, they will be able to view, edit, or delete any notes that have been added.

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Learn more about this new feature here.

One-Time Blast Templates




Creating a One-Time Blast campaign is now easier than ever - we’ve added a couple of great templates to help you send beautiful emails! Choose from one our five options for a quick start, and add your own personal touch to engage and delight your clients.

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To learn more about One-Time Blasts, click here.

Enhanced Client Notes




Boulevard’s Client Notes are better than ever.

Medications and allergies have joined the Client Notes section of the Client Profile! Now you can keep all of a client’s notes, photos, file uploads, allergies, and medications front and center so they stay top-of-mind. And–because we understand your client’s privacy is critical– we’ve added an additional level of encryption for added security to all notes.

Everything you loved about Client Notes, in one place, and even more secure.

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Connect Custom Apps to Boulevard




Boulevard has expanded Premier and Enterprise customers' ability to manage their own integrations.

Now, if you’ve built your own app to integrate with Boulevard, or another software company has built an integration that you'd like to use, Admins can install or uninstall the integration under Custom Apps in the Apps & Integrations section of your Manage Business settings.


Custom Apps are exclusively available for Premier and Enterprise customers. Learn more here!

Updated "Archive" form action




When you're no longer using a particular form, we've updated the "Void" button to "Archive Form" instead. This will function exactly the same as the "Void" button did by archiving the form and any information included. Any previously "Voided" forms will be listed as "Archived" in the Forms section of a client's profile.

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Introducing the Boulevard Marketing Suite




Boulevard Marketing Suite is ready for you. This new tool will help you streamline and simplify your email marketing strategy with beautiful, branded email campaigns. Get started today by selecting the new Marketing tab at the top of your dashboard. You can control who has access to the Marketing Suite by navigating to the “Marketing” section of your Privilege Groups in the Manage Business settings.

One-Time Blasts

Craft custom emails with a personal touch — perfect for all your newsletters, promotions, and announcements. Use our intuitive template editor to create and save personalized, on-brand emails including your target audience from your existing client data. Hit send and track your performance - all from the Marketing dashboard.

One-Time Blasts are available for Essentials, Premier, and Enterprise plans. Your first 500 emails per month, per location are on us. After that, it's $0.01 per email sent. Learn more here! Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 12.57.27 PM.png

Automated Campaigns

Boost revenue with intelligent, hyper-targeted email campaigns. Set it and forget it with the right message to the right client at the perfect time to help drive higher retention, bookings, and revenue. Simply choose your campaign goal, customize the look and feel to reflect the unique energy of your brand, and let your intelligent algorithms do the rest.

Automated campaigns are available for Premier and Enterprise plans. $2 per booked appointment. Check out all the different automated campaign types and more info on pricing here!

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Improvements to resending confirmation emails when an appointment is edited




We've made an update to our recent release allowing you the option to automatically resend a confirmation email when an appointment is updated.

Now, when an appointment edit does not have an impact on the client's communicated appointment details the option to resend a confirmation email is no longer prompted. This includes adding, editing, or removing internal appointment notes, tags, or appointment resources.

May-24-2022 16-36-19.gif

You can still send an updated email confirmation from the menu dropdown (three vertical dots found in the bottom right-hand corner of the edit appointment window) when needed.

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New "Resume card swipe" button




When processing a payment using your credit card swiper, we want to make sure you're always charging the correct amount. Now, if you realize you need to change anything in a ticket before processing a payment you'll notice a new "Resume card swipe" button. Selecting this button before you swipe the card will ensure any changes you made are captured in the transaction.

Note: This new button will only apply if you're using the backup credit card swiper. If you are processing payments using a Boulevard Duo, this button does not apply.

Apr-20-2022 12-06-42.gif

Customize how commission is calculated for voucher redemptions




You now have the ability to choose to calculate commission based on a service's list price when a membership or package voucher is redeemed. Navigate to the Details section of your Manage Location settings to get started.

Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 4.08.00 PM.png

Under Commission on Services Paid with a Voucher, the service list option will use the price of the service at the time of checkout which includes location, staff role, or service provider custom pricing. This also applies to client accommodation pricing.

To ensure smooth payroll, we recommend making this update at the start of a new pay period.

A new option to resend a confirmation email after editing an appointment




Now when you edit an appointment via the "Edit Appointment" window, you'll have the option to resend a confirmation email to your client.

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 4.43.52 PM.png

This box will be checked by default when you change the time, duration, service, or provider on an appointment. Prefer to keep internal changes to yourself? Simply uncheck the box, and no email will be sent.