Boulevard changelog
Boulevard changelog

Client confirmations now limited to reminder window




Until the new Appointment Details page, a client could only confirm their appointment via reminder email or text. Since reminders can only go out in the 5 days leading up to the appointment, clients were only able to confirm within that window.

On the new Appointment Details page, clients saw the option to confirm their appointment at any time after booking. We heard your concerns that some customers were confirming too far in advance.

To address this, we have hidden the ability to confirm until clients are within the time frame during which they would receive their first reminder.

You don't have to change anything on your end to put this change into effect, but if you'd like to review your reminder settings you can do so under the Details section of the Manage Location settings.

New and improved forms, including a new form builder




Building your form and chart templates just got easier! In addition, forms are now more mobile-friendly for clients to complete on the go.

We are gradually rolling out these new forms to existing customers, beginning today. When you receive an in-app notification that the new forms are live for you, we recommend that you go preview your live forms in both mobile and desktop to ensure the updated formatting is to your liking.

The new builder allows you to seamlessly create custom forms (for clients to complete) and charts (for staff) by simply dragging and dropping each component to the desired location on the form page. It’s easy to resize and move around components to customize the form’s layout.

Form Builder

No need to learn HTML. Our redesigned form text component allows you to easily format titles, headers or instructional text - you can add bullets, bold text, adjust the size and color, insert links, and so much more.


We also added new preview options so you can see how the form or chart will look on desktop and mobile. This accompanies an update to the mobile browser experience, so it’s easier for clients to fill out their forms on their mobile devices.

Not ready to publish a work-in-progress? You can now save your templates as drafts to come back and work on it later before putting the form into circulation.


Lastly, we made it easier to organize your client-facing forms and staff-facing charts. You can now easily sort and filter your forms list by form title, type, author, status or modification date.


Learn more about this new feature here

Client rescheduling on/off setting




We've been gathering your feedback on our recently updated Appointment Details page with client rescheduling.

We have introduced a new setting that will let you disable your clients' ability to reschedule their own appointments. To do so, head to the Manage Location settings and scroll down to Location Features.

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 1.14.28 PM.png

Unselect the "Online Rescheduling" checkbox to disable rescheduling and hide the option from your clients' Appointment Details page. We've left the clients' ability to reschedule on by default so there won't be any disruption for those currently using it.

Marketing consent collection update




We’re optimizing the way that we ask for email marketing consent to ensure we provide the best possible experience for you and your clients. To pave the way, we are temporarily removing the option to opt in or out of emails from our online booking flow.

Rest assured, this change will not impact the deliverability of your marketing campaigns and will serve to enhance compliance while giving you the best chance at expanding your email reach. However, this will temporarily impact your staff’s ability to update email marketing consent preferences from the Client Profile. However, your clients will still be able to manage their communication preference from the links in our email footer.

We plan to launch a new and improved experience over the next few weeks. Stay tuned, and please reach out on Help Chat if you have questions.

New QuickBooks Online integration




Bookkeep in your sleep. Wake up to a deeper understanding of your financials.

Add the QuickBooks Online integration to automatically sync each day’s sales and payment settlements each night.


We built this integration to save you time and effort transferring your data each month, and some customers have taken it even further, mapping service and product categories to separate QuickBooks Online sub-accounts to better track the performance of each offering.

$45/month per location.

Learn more or get started today!

New Marketing Suite Templates




Level up your email marketing and craft more compelling content with four sleek new email templates, available now in Marketing Suite for both One-Time Blasts and Automated Campaigns.

Accessible from within the Marketing Suite campaign builder, these modern templates, each with a distinct look and feel, have been designed to help you better express your brand voice.

Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 9.50.58 AM.png

You can now create new campaigns with the updated templates, as well as refresh existing campaigns with the updated templates. If you prefer to continue using the original templates, you can still access them under the “Other Templates” dropdown in the email campaign builder.

For more information, check out this support article.

Clients: Improved Appointment Details Page + Reschedule Functionality




We are launching new client-facing Appointment Details page that allows clients to reschedule their own appointments.

The beautifully redesigned page makes it easier for clients to see what they need to do ahead of their appointment, like fill out forms. Clients will also have the ability to reschedule their own appointments without needing to cancel and restart the booking process or call your staff.

A client's ability to reschedule will follow the cancellation policy you already have in place. If a client tries to make a change too close to their appointment, they will be prompted to call and speak to staff, so you can assess whether to charge cancellation fees.

appt details.png

Updated Booking and Reminder Emails

To accompany our updated Appointment Details page, we updated the automated appointment confirmation, reminder, cancellation, and receipt emails. The new emails have big bold buttons that prompt clients to confirm their appointments and/or fill out their forms, and link to the updated Appointment Details page automatically for easy appointment management. The emails also enable clients to manage their communication preferences.


Set Location Hours

Once they get to the Appointment Details page, clients will see information about the location of an appointment including the address and social media accounts. We have also added a new Location Hours setting so clients can see when your location is open.

We've input hours for you based on your location's schedule settings. If you'd like to alter the hours displayed to clients, navigate to the Location Information section of the Manage Location settings. Updating location hours will not impact any staff schedules or other calendar display settings.

Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 10.44.28 AM.png

We hope your staff and clients alike will enjoy these highly requested updates!

In-Use Gift Card Warning




Who doesn't love the gift of self-care? When selling gift cards, a warning message will appear at checkout if the gift card number is already active and in use.

In Use GC.gif

If you click to cancel, the gift card will be removed from checkout and you can start fresh. Otherwise, if you want to reload the existing gift card, you can select “Add additional funds” and continue the transaction. Happy gifting!

Automated Campaigns Billing Update




We’ve heard your feedback! As of December 1st, we’ve updated the way we’re billing for automated campaigns. Previously, when an appointment was booked by a client within 7 days of receiving an automated campaign, the $2 attribution fee was charged at time of booking. However, this sometimes led to being charged for appointments that were ultimately canceled.

To address these concerns, we’ve updated the way we’re charging: for appointments that are booked by clients within 7 days of receiving the automated campaign, the $2 attribution fee will now be charged only once an appointment has been completed. Meaning, you won’t see a charge until the appointment has been checked out and closed! This change will be reflected on your January 2023 invoice.

We’ve also updated the Marketing Generated Appointments Beta Report template to include an “Appointments Completed” column to help you understand how many attributed appointments have been closed during a certain time period. Note this only applies to new reports, if you’ve previously customized this report, you can now add this column.

‘Send Now’ for One-Time Blasts




Have a time-sensitive email to send out? We’ve got you covered! We’ve added the option to send your One-Time Blasts immediately, rather than scheduling for a later date.

Once you’ve built your One-Time Blast and you’re sure you’re ready to send, simply choose the ‘Send it Now’ tab and select ‘Send campaign now’. You’ll see a prompt to confirm your choice, as once the email begins sending, it cannot be paused, edited, or canceled.

That’s it! Your email will begin sending within a few minutes of activating it, and your dashboard will update with stats a little while after the send is complete.

Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 9.40.33 AM.png