Boulevard changelog
Boulevard changelog

Use Email Preview Text to improve your marketing campaigns




Email Preview Text is meant to be a short summary of your message or a call to action that is shown next to your subject line in your client’s inbox. To help make sure you’re enticing your clients to open your emails, we’ve made your Email Preview Text easier to update in our email builder.

Both Automated and One-Time Blast campaigns will include generated, generic Email Preview Text, we but suggest you always make it your own!

To edit, simply click on the Email Preview Text link, found next to the subject line field in the email builder. Add your text, and save.

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Print A Blank Form




Have you ever wanted to print out a form so a client or staff could fill it out on paper? Now you can! We recently added a print button to the preview of your form templates.

On the Forms page of your Manage Business Settings, you can select any form, then select “Preview”. In the preview screen is a new “Print” button, which allows you to print a blank form, or save it as a PDF.

Print Blank Form.png

Once a form has been filled out, you can attach a photo or scan of the completed form in the Notes section of the Client Profile to keep all of a client’s information organized.

Note: You will need the privilege setting “Create and Modify Form Template” enabled to Preview your Form Templates.

Marketing Suite Updates




Checking the send status of your One-Time Blast campaigns in the Marketing Suite just got easier! Now, a One-Time Blast campaign be shown will four status labels: Completed, scheduled, paused and draft.

Completed One-Time Blasts will display the date on which the email campaign was sent, and will be labeled with a blue dot. Once completed, they cannot be relaunched. You can, however, click on the campaign name to see the preview of the email that was sent.

Scheduled One-Time Blasts will display the date on which the campaign is scheduled to send to the selected audience and will be labeled with a green dot.

One-Time Blasts in a paused state will show a grey dot, and display the date on which the campaign was paused, indicating the campaign send was not fully executed to the selected audience. You can click on the campaign name to review the message and schedule it.

One-Time Blasts in a draft state will display a grey dot. Resume your drafted campaign at any time by clicking the campaign name.

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New Access Settings for Forms, Client Profile




We’ve added additional settings to control employee access to client information.

We know that client privacy is critical and you may want to limit which client information should be visible for each staff member. We have added settings so Business Admins can decide which of your staff members can view client notes (including medications and allergies) as well as add/edit notes. In addition, you can now control whether staff members using the Boulevard Professional App will see clients’ last names.

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If you have the forms add-on, you can now adjust which staff members can create form templates, view your completed client & internal forms, and who can add/edit a form.

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To configure new or existing privilege settings, navigate to Manage Business settings > Privilege Groups in the Boulevard Dashboard.

Note: all privilege group settings apply to the staff member regardless of whether they are using the Boulevard Dashboard on a computer or any of Boulevard’s mobile apps.

Learn more: support article

Add Notes to Completed Forms




Did a client make a mistake on an intake form? Want to leave a note for a service provider on their treatment notes? Boulevard now allows users to add a note for each response in a completed client-facing or internal form.

To add a note to a completed form, select the “Add Note” button at the bottom to enter edit mode. Next, select any response to add and save a note. Once you’ve added all your notes, select “Done” to leave edit mode. Whenever someone views the form, they will be able to view, edit, or delete any notes that have been added.

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Learn more about this new feature here.

One-Time Blast Templates




Creating a One-Time Blast campaign is now easier than ever - we’ve added a couple of great templates to help you send beautiful emails! Choose from one our five options for a quick start, and add your own personal touch to engage and delight your clients.

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To learn more about One-Time Blasts, click here.

Enhanced Client Notes




Boulevard’s Client Notes are better than ever.

Medications and allergies have joined the Client Notes section of the Client Profile! Now you can keep all of a client’s notes, photos, file uploads, allergies, and medications front and center so they stay top-of-mind. And–because we understand your client’s privacy is critical– we’ve added an additional level of encryption for added security to all notes.

Everything you loved about Client Notes, in one place, and even more secure.

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Connect Custom Apps to Boulevard




Boulevard has expanded Premier and Enterprise customers' ability to manage their own integrations.

Now, if you’ve built your own app to integrate with Boulevard, or another software company has built an integration that you'd like to use, Admins can install or uninstall the integration under Custom Apps in the Apps & Integrations section of your Manage Business settings.


Custom Apps are exclusively available for Premier and Enterprise customers. Learn more here!

Updated "Archive" form action




When you're no longer using a particular form, we've updated the "Void" button to "Archive Form" instead. This will function exactly the same as the "Void" button did by archiving the form and any information included. Any previously "Voided" forms will be listed as "Archived" in the Forms section of a client's profile.

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Introducing the Boulevard Marketing Suite




Boulevard Marketing Suite is ready for you. This new tool will help you streamline and simplify your email marketing strategy with beautiful, branded email campaigns. Get started today by selecting the new Marketing tab at the top of your dashboard. You can control who has access to the Marketing Suite by navigating to the “Marketing” section of your Privilege Groups in the Manage Business settings.

One-Time Blasts

Craft custom emails with a personal touch — perfect for all your newsletters, promotions, and announcements. Use our intuitive template editor to create and save personalized, on-brand emails including your target audience from your existing client data. Hit send and track your performance - all from the Marketing dashboard.

One-Time Blasts are available for Essentials, Premier, and Enterprise plans. Your first 500 emails per month, per location are on us. After that, it's $0.01 per email sent. Learn more here! Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 12.57.27 PM.png

Automated Campaigns

Boost revenue with intelligent, hyper-targeted email campaigns. Set it and forget it with the right message to the right client at the perfect time to help drive higher retention, bookings, and revenue. Simply choose your campaign goal, customize the look and feel to reflect the unique energy of your brand, and let your intelligent algorithms do the rest.

Automated campaigns are available for Premier and Enterprise plans. $2 per booked appointment. Check out all the different automated campaign types and more info on pricing here!

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